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10 Reasons You Need A VPN

Did you know that your ISP tracks your browsing history and the important credentials you type in? Well, this is the reason VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) usage is on the rise these days. It is important to safeguard the privacy of the users on the internet and VPNs play an important role in it.
We will discuss the top 10 reasons why you need a VPN right now:

  • ISPs are tracking you

  • Your ISPs track your browsing history and your credentials you input in the internet ecosystem. A VPN will clock all your device & remote resources and this issue can be averted.

  • Get rid of your government’s internet censorship

  • Governments in many countries restrict the free and open usage of internet services. As a result, certain websites remain blocked in those regions. A VPN can unblock those sites with ease.

  • Make your public Wi-Fi risk free

  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots can be susceptible to phishing and hacking attacks. But a VPN can check the security of those free hotspots so that you stay out of trouble.

  • Access Netflix from anywhere

  • There exist some copyright issues in Netflix app due to which they are unable to air certain content in certain regions. A vpn for android download can solve the issue by changing the IP address.

  • Don’t worry about the restrictions in schools and colleges

  • There are certain restrictions when it comes to accessing the internet from schools and colleges. This is mainly done so that the students do not get distracted. If in extreme cases you need to access the blocked contents, install a VPN.

  • VOIP phone calls are secured

  • VOIP calls are the cheapest way to make a call these days but the hackers might be waiting for you out there as well. A VPN can make your calls secure but with a slight reduction in bandwidth.

  • Google tracks you

  • It is not a surprising thing to know that Google is tracking you every second. Google stores all your information and this can turn out to be a big blow to your privacy. Stop this with the Best VPN application on playstoreBudingo VPN.

  • VPNs can benefit a researcher and journalist

  • Research and journalism need access to explicit and controversial content. A VPN can stand out as a friend to such professionals who need to access those blocked sites and get the content.

  • Use BitTorrent without any restrictions

  • Let’s face this, the majority of the people in the world download movies and games illegally through Bittorent. By doing this, they are placing themselves in the tracking list of the government. A VPN can safeguard you in this case.

  • Safeguard your privacy

  • Privacy is an important part of the users and nobody likes invasion of privacy. VPNs can be really useful in such cases and the users can freely browse their favorite content on the internet.

    This sums up the usage and importance of VPNs in safeguarding a user’s privacy in the world of the Internet. Make sure you get a VPN today!

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